Merry Christmas

Matthew 1:23 “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel” (which means, God with us). 

Merry Christmas! Spend time with your family and hold them close. Tell them you love them often. Remember to listen with intent and purpose. Share your stories and read together. Be mindful of memorable moments. Smile, sing, and play. Teach love, respect, and forgiveness. Pray together and be thankful always.

To all of my readers, I wish you blessings this time of year and always. Enjoy the holiday season. I will return after the New Year celebrations.

Names of Jesus


4 Days of Decorating for Christmas

Luke 2:11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

 ‘Tis the season…..

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! The week after, I spend decorating the house for Christmas as I am sure many of you do too. For the past four days I have taken down the everyday décor and dusted and decorated.

I don’t have before photos but here is my process.

  • Day 1 take down the everyday décor and dust. Bring up the Christmas bins (this was my workout for the day). Check out what is in each bin (I actually have a general label on each bin so I know where to start). I start my sort and begin to place bins or items in the appropriate rooms for the season.
    •    The ornament bins are the last ones I get to these days. When the kids where home, the tree was the first thing we did the day after Thanksgiving. It was called Ornament Day in our home because everyone received a few new ornaments for the tree.
    •    I have quite a collection of Christmas items, i.e. snowmen, Santas, trees, penguins, garland, and nativity pieces.
  •  Day 2 Continue to sort and begin to decorate.
    •   I chose a theme for each room. Family room, bright and whimsical because of the “partini” paintings Hubby and I did a couple of years back. Kitchen of course is food inspired. Dining room and living room will be traditional Christmas showcasing the 12 ft. tree. The study will be woodland and have the Nativity prominently place for all to see as they enter the house.
    •    First to be decorated is the family room. The shelves were filled with silly Santas, snowmen, trees, and penguins. I also added a few Christmas books to bring some height to larger shelves. I have a little three foot tree that I will add bright and whimsical ornaments.IMG_0004IMG_0003IMG_0009
    •    Next was the mantel. Last year, post-Christmas, My mom and I took my granddaughter shopping and she chose bright glittery flowers to have in a vase in her room. I grabbed those and added them to my mantel. I used the bow that Mom added to a gift last year.IMG_0001IMG_0002IMG_0006IMG_0008IMG_0009IMG_0004IMG_0003IMG_0005
    •    We have wall cut-outs which I figured I would use to hang larger ornaments from bright colored ribbon.IMG_0032
    •    I then moved on to the study (the woodland room). The canoe was taken from the family room as well as some of my rocks and used with the Christmas decorations. This time the Santas, snowmen and trees had a woodland flair.IMG_0023IMG_0022IMG_0011IMG_0010
    •    The Nativity was painted by my mom 40 years ago. It has had some rough moves and pieces have been glued back in place, but it is my favorite Christmas decoration. A true heirloom that I love.IMG_0026IMG_0027IMG_0031IMG_0029IMG_0030
  •   Day 3 Dining room, Kitchen, and garland.
    •    I wanted a dramatic centerpiece this year so I pulled out all of the large red and gold ornaments and hung them from the light fixture. The center bowl on the table is layered with “diamond” gems, plain pinecones, gold glitter pinecones, and a red star candle in the center. The rest of the table is set with Christmas tea cups and snowmen napkin rings. IMG_0010IMG_0011IMG_0016IMG_0013
    •    The hutch has traditional Christmas Santas, snowmen, books, and ornaments. There is another small tree in the corner decorated with red and green, silver and gold ornaments.IMG_0012
    •    The kitchen has a sweets inspired little tree and cranberry and popcorn garland hang from the window. IMG_0002IMG_0001
    •    Garland is hung in the archway between the kitchen and family room and between the dining room and the living room. I added beads and bows and kept it simple and light. The stairs get garland draped at the top of the railing and the bottom edge of the stairs because they are open to the foyer. I added greenery with glitter pinecones and ivory and gold bows.
  •  Day 4 The big Christmas tree and the little ones.
    •    I sorted through the bins of ornaments and made piles for each of the small trees. I moved those ornaments into the room that hosted each themed tree for later decorating.
    •    The first ornaments I hang on the big tree are the long dangly ones. I look for the branches that stick out and allow the long ornament to hang free from other branches.
    •    Then I work my way around the tree filling in holes with larger ornaments.
    •    All other ornaments are placed to fill the tree in on all sides. The tree sits in the middle of the room so the tree can be viewed from all around.IMG_0020
    •    When the large tree is finished I decorate all of the little ones.IMG_0018
  •   Day 5 is clean-up day
    •    I put the bins in the basement as I clear them out so they are out of the way as I decorate through the week.
    •    I vacuum and sweep up all or the “needles” that have fallen off of the garland and all of and the glitter from ornaments and decoration.
    •    Last, I admire the explosion of Christmas on my house. Over the weekend we will put up the outside lights!

Blessings to you. Happy decorating!

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