A Better Day With God – 5 Easy ways to have a better day

My child, listen and be wise: Keep your heart on the right course.~ Proverbs 23:19, NLT

I thought this might be appropriate for today, Good Friday. May you be blessed.

Do you ever feel like your day has slipped away and you haven’t accomplished anything? Oh, I have piddled around here and there, but nothing that I can say, “Hey! I feel good about all that I did today!” Well, those are days that I realize I didn’t start my day with God. Seems simple enough but too many times I get up, make coffee and I am off for the day. I am tired, dragging, not feeling good about the whole day kind of feeling.  We all get weary. One of the hardest but most necessary things to do is find time for your devotional. I understand; we work full-time, we have kids that keep us on our toes, husband time, meal time, cleaning up the messes, and “stuff” to do. When am I supposed to fit in a devotional time? Your life should fit into your devotional not your devotional into your life. So, I must remind myself, with that cup of coffee should come some time spent with God. Not the multi-tasking kind, which I am prone to do, but quiet reflection, listening, and really getting to know God’s great blessings.

So, how do we go about this? Some of you already know and make it part of your daily routine. Some of you are like me and have to pause half way through your day because you didn’t put the time in the morning. And some are just wondering and learning just how to do this and how to make it a habit. My goal is to make this a morning habit and I hope you will join me. Let’s start simple and build.

  1. Open with a word of prayer. Nothing lofty, just talk to God; ask Him to forgive your selfish tendencies to lose focus. Thank Him, bless His holy name, sing a song to Him, praise Him for all of your blessings. Give that a start and go from there. Oh, and if you cry, let Him comfort you in His peace.
  2. Have a local Christian radio station you can tune into while you are getting ready for work or cooking meals? Turn it on.  KLOVE can be streamed through your computer for some great, inspiration music. How easy is that?!http://www.klove.com/listen/player.aspx
  3. Find a resource to help you read your Bible. My phone has a daily verse app that I receive every morning and it will give me a daily Bible study too. There are thousands of devotions to work from. Find one that interests you. Read a book that can lead you deeper in your relationship with God. I will add some that I have read at the end of the blog.
  4. Place verses or “I will” type statements on your mirror and fridge to remind you of what you are learning that day, week or month.
  5. Find a Bible study at church to join, listen to one on a podcast, or online and use it to help you study. There are many out there and your church may even have ways for you to attend online if the hours don’t match your time-table.

I personally subscribe to Greg Laurie’s podcast New Beginning. You can find it at http://www.harvest.org/  You just need to click on the radio tab and it will lead you from there. You can also follow Cathe Laurie’s Bible Studies by clicking on the Virtue tab. She has a fabulous study on Proverbs 31 and being a Proverbs 31 woman. I am currently working through the Gospel of John. You can look through the archive section to find a study that interests you.

http://www.proverbs31.org/ is a great site for women to get inspired and recharged. They have an online radio program, blog, devotions and more.

http://www.klove.com/ is a radio station that broadcast Christian music. They are also online if you don’t have a station near you. You can also get a daily verse sent to your inbox if you sign up with your email.

Some books I recommend:

Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver. This book has a chapter bible study in the appendix, as well as, How to develop a quiet time. It is a book about allowing God to change us from our multi-tasking, be everything for everyone kind of lives to understanding how to be the wonderful woman God created you to be and to joyful in who you are.

A Woman Who Reflects the Heart of Jesus by Elizabeth George.  It is a 30 day devotional on the character qualities of Jesus and how to reflect them in your life.

Let Go by Sheila Walsh. She opens up and shares trials in her life and how she was able to give her burdens to God to help her get through some tough times.

The Grace Awakening by Charles Swindol. The book I am currently reading. If you want to know what grace truly means and how to put it into practice, this is the book for you.

There are many, many more but I don’t want to bombard you and this has been long enough.

Blessings to you.



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