9 tips for an almost free educational summer

Proverbs 22:6

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Because we are nearing the end of a school year, I am going to start with summer tips.

  1. If your child’s teacher doesn’t send home a summer reading list, go to your local library, they have them. I must add to this:  PARENTS, pick books for you too! If you want your kids to put down the electronics then so should you. As we have heard a thousand times “lead by example”. Take a half hour in the evening and spread out on the floor and read with or alongside of your children. It’s rewarding for everyone! Here is a  link to my Pinterest book board. Click on the picture for a list of 100 chapter books for kids. thetaleofdespereaux
  2. Visit museums. They have free days if your budget it tight. Prepare for crowds on free days, everyone likes to save a buck or two! Remember to have conversations at the exhibits, take time to read the boards. Make a day of it! DuPage Children's Museum
  3. Go to the zoo. It’s fun, entertaining, and educational. Look for the times when trainers are at the exhibits and take time to watch and learn about certain animals. Exhibit demos are free! tiger2
  4. Member of a church? Volunteer for VBS if you can. Summer Bible School is good for you and your kids. Check into hosting a Backyard VBS for your neighborhood at a time that works for you. Picture links to the Vacation Bible School website.ladybug
  5. Go on a picture walk. Exercise and education! Take your camera or phone and a bag or basket. Take pictures of trees, leaves, flowers, birds, etc. Also, collect some of these items along the way. If you made a day of it with a picnic and play time, that’s great! Save the project for another day. wild_garden
  6. Picture/collection project for the above outing….create a collage or scrapbook out of the things you found. In addition to this, look in books that you checked out from the library or have an internet hunt to identify your findings. Add the identification to your collage or scrapbook and you have a project and a memory all in one! nature collage
  7. Have an ABC scavenger hunt. If your kids are working on letters or reading, this can make it fun. Have them find as many things (or give them a number) around the house that start with the letters of the alphabet. Have them write it down, draw it, or take a picture of it. If you did 2-3 letters a week you will have gone through the alphabet before school begins. apples
  8. Of course, there are always board games for the evening. Have your kids be the banker, or take on the role of the person in charge of counting something. Need a new game? Go to a garage sale or second-hand shop and find something new. Let you kids pick it, give them the money so they know how much they can spend on a game. monopoly
  9.  Let your kids bake or cook with you. They will learn the importance of measurement and how it connects to everyday life. baking

The list can go on and on. Please comment and add something you do to help your kids continue learning throughout the summer.

It was a busy spring with our daughter’s wedding, all of our traveling and now we are preparing for a move. With that said, posts will be about once a month this summer. I will be taking time this summer to work on more post in the Learning Styles series. I am also working on research for STEM skills and will post about that in the fall. Enjoy your summer and I will pop in once in a while with a new post!


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